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House Bill HR 780


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HR780: A RESOLUTION proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Georgia so as to clarify that only citizens of the United States shall have a right to vote in elections in this state; to provide for related matters; to provide for the submission of this amendment for ratification or rejection; and for other purposes.

Chamber Vote Date Yea Nay NV Abs Total Result Source View
House Adopt: House Vote #658 2024-02-29 98 61 2 17 178 Passed Link View

Both Democrats and Republicans show unanimous support for HR 780


 Rep. Jesse Petrea: 

“When you look at polls, almost everyone of every demographic of every party in overwhelming numbers supports the fact that only citizens of the United States should vote in our elections in the United States.” 

“These are the kind of conversations that are going to continue in the future. Especially at a time when we have currently an open border problem in this country. We have a huge influx of those that are non-citizens in the country, so it’s time that we deal with this, I think.” 

“When we put it in the constitution, we make it harder to change in the future. . . . most Georgians again, the polling is right here, want to do just the same.” 

“I think it’s time that we do what the overwhelming majorities of every demographic in our state would like to do, just make it very clear, that only citizens of the United States should be voting in Georgia elections.” 

“It’s very simple, if you’re voting in Georgia…we have to protect the sanctity of the vote, if you’re voting in Georgia, you’re a U.S. citizen.”  

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger: 

“You’re saying ‘I’m sticking my stake in here, this is where my future is, this is my country.’ And with that comes the additional benefit, the additional enjoyment, that you enjoy the franchise to vote. The most precious right anyone can have is being an American citizen, to vote in our elections.” 

“70% plus of people in both parties, large majorities, believe that only Americans should vote.” 

Paul Jacob, president, Americans for Citizen Voting PAC: 

“This is a country built and made great by immigrants. We want that to continue to happen. We want immigrants to come, we want them to become citizens, we want them to vote. In precisely that order.” 

“It doesn’t make sense to wait until you have Clarkston or another city allowing non-citizens to vote and then try to take action.” 

Michael Lancaster, Georgia director of Americans for Citizen Voting: 

“As a person who has lived in another country, being a foreign citizen in another country, we should also have that same standard here in our country; that foreign citizens should not be allowed to vote.” 

“A lot of African Americans and Hispanics agree with this constitutional amendment. They feel that having foreign citizens vote in elections dilutes their votes, it makes their votes less effective. And what we’ve seen in a lot of communities is that there is this concern that foreign citizens are making decisions for these citizens who are already feeling disenfranchised in some ways.” 

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