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Kentucky State Representative Michael Meredith files HB341 to safeguard election integrity.

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January 25, 2024                                                                                         612-306-3076

Kentucky – Americans for Citizen Voting proudly announces that Kentucky State Representative Michael Meredith has introduced a critical bill, HB341, in the state house to ensure that only U.S. citizens have the right to vote in elections. This groundbreaking initiative is a significant step towards preserving the integrity of Kentucky’s electoral process.

Representative Michael Meredith, alongside co-sponsors including K. Timoney, J. Bauman, J. Branscum, J. Bray, J. Dixon, R. Duvall, P. Flannery, R. Heath, K. Jackson, K. King, M. Koch, D. Lewis, S. Lewis, S. McPherson, D. Meade, S. Miles, K. Moser, A. Neighbors, D. Osborne, M. Pollock, P. Pratt, R. Raymer, S. Riley, T. Smith, T. Truett, and K. Upchurch, is taking a stand to secure the electoral process and uphold the principle of voting rights for U.S. citizens.

Representative Meredith commented, “This bill marks a crucial milestone in ensuring the integrity of our elections. If HB341 receives a 2/3rds majority yes vote in the House and Senate, it will be presented on the ballot in November 2024 for Kentucky citizens to have their say.”

Representative Killian Timoney added, “As a representative of the people in Kentucky, I firmly believe in preserving the integrity of our democratic process. Allowing only U.S. citizens to vote ensures that the voices heard in our elections truly reflect the interests and values of our community. It is a fundamental principle of our democracy to prioritize the rights and responsibilities of citizens, safeguarding the foundation upon which our great state stands.”

For more details on HB341 and its co-sponsors, please visit the legislative website: https://apps.legislature.ky.gov/record/24rs/hb341.html.

Americans for Citizen Voting encourages all Kentucky citizens to stay informed and engaged in this important legislative process.

For media inquiries, please contact: Jack Tomczak at (612) 306-3076

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